Any Other Colour Gloster Canaries

At the recent GFCCUK meeting the subject matter of Any Other Colour Gloster Canaries was discussed. Member attendance feedback indicates that the conclusion of the

Malta : Golden D-Cup

The Golden D-Cup All Gloster was created and named by a small group of friends who wanted to preserve the Maltese and British connection and

2022 Yearbook – IMPORTANT UPDATE

We are extremely sorry to have to inform you that the 2022 Yearbook has not yet been distributed to current paid members. We are experiencing


The search for a new logo came to a conclusion at the 2022 AGM. The initiative started before Covid Pandemic lockdown with the committee asking

2022 Yearbook

Polite reminder from the IGBA Committee to all members. Please note that the 2022 Yearbook will only be distributed to current paid members. If you

Selecting your Glosters

This is the time of the year to think about the selection of the birds you will keep for next year’s breeding. These are the

A New Logo for the Association

It is considered that our existing logo is in need of a makeover. The birds identified are the 1972 Minjoodt Standard Pictorial. The IGBA seeking

Affiliate Show Reports

With the return of the All Gloster exhibition season after a traumatic 18 months Both the IGBA and Affiliate Show Reports will start to be

Welcome our new Mexican affiliate.

IGBA Welcome Mexico into the fold of Gloster Canary fanciers. Ornicultura Deportiva Mexico Mexico, officially the United Mexican States, is a country in the southern