Affiliate Show Reports

With the return of the All Gloster exhibition season after a traumatic 18 months Both the IGBA and Affiliate Show Reports will start to be

Welcome our new Mexican affiliate.

IGBA Welcome Mexico into the fold of Gloster Canary fanciers. Ornicultura Deportiva Mexico Mexico, officially the United Mexican States, is a country in the southern

Gloster Premier League Championship

Follow on from the previous blog. The UK Exhibitor Championship kicks off this coming Saturday with the Kent All Gloster leading the return of the

2021 Show Season Reporting

September is the time of year that we should all be paying attention to our mail deliveries both “E” and “Snail”, if we participate in

IGBA Presentations – update

We held our first zoom talk on the 23rd of June hosted by Keith Baker, Subject “Problems relating to the Breeding Season. Thanks to Keith

Ring Scheme – 2022

The recent Blog on Exhibition Bird Movements into / out of GB clearly identifies a requirement that we “Captive Bird Breeders / Exhibitors” need to