Any Other Colour Gloster Canaries

At the recent GFCCUK meeting the subject matter of Any Other Colour Gloster Canaries was discussed. Member attendance feedback indicates that the conclusion of the

Featured Member – Pete Bull

After some 33 years of breeding foreign birds, starting with Zebra’s and Bengalese, then Australian (Gouldians, Diamonds, Stars, Hecks and Parsons) with some really good

2022 Yearbook – IMPORTANT UPDATE

We are extremely sorry to have to inform you that the 2022 Yearbook has not yet been distributed to current paid members. We are experiencing

Approaches to Breeding Condition

Sandy Hay is the long standing publicity officer of Portnockie CBS, more recently he has become the secretary / treasurer of the newly formed  North

Glosters at the Palace

THE EARLY SHOWS  : 1920’s This coming decade will see the centenary of the development of the Gloster fancy canary, and the early shows at


The search for a new logo came to a conclusion at the 2022 AGM. The initiative started before Covid Pandemic lockdown with the committee asking