IGBA Presentations – update

We held our first zoom talk on the 23rd of June hosted by Keith Baker, Subject “Problems relating to the Breeding Season. Thanks to Keith

Ring Scheme – 2022

The recent Blog on Exhibition Bird Movements into / out of GB clearly identifies a requirement that we “Captive Bird Breeders / Exhibitors” need to

2022 Membership Subscription Rates

At the 2021 Annual General Meeting the subject of Annual Subscription Rates was discussed. It is an interesting fact that in 2011 subscriptions were increased

UK Champion of Exhibitors.

It appears that the current Committee is not prepared to dwell in the past nor let its current impetus in providing something different for its

2nd Edition 2021 Year Book

It has been a strange year with the First Edition of the Year Book distribution delayed due to Covid Lockdown precluding the Printers to produce

Keeping You Informed

In order for the committee to keep the members informed of its activity it is important that we obtain members email addresses. Why? Because email

2022 Payments to IGBA

Memberships, Adverts, Rings, Patronages I have been notified by our Bankers that with effect from 1st November 2021 any banking of cash or cheques will

Featured Member – Norman Wallace

I began my bird keeping by being given a canary for my ninth birthday. A work colleague of my father bred coloured canaries. Thereafter I