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Constitution Rules of the Association

  IGBA aim and objective is to promote the development and exhibiting of the Gloster Canary.

Constitution Rules of the Association

  IGBA aim and objective is to promote the development and exhibiting of the Gloster Canary.


  • To promote and advance the knowledge and advice for member and  public benefit in regard to the animal welfare, breeding and exhibiting  of the Gloster Fancy canary.
  • To engage and educate youth in aviculture as a disciplined activity caring for the planet’s species.

1. Name of Society:

The organisation shall be named The International Gloster Breeders Association (hereinafter referred to as IGBA).

2. Object of Society:

2.1. The objective of the IGBA is to promote the keeping, welfare, breeding, exhibiting and furthering the interest of the Gloster Canary fancy throughout the world.

2.2. To represent the interests of the members in particular but not exclusively: –

2.2.1. To the Governing Body for the Gloster Canary Fancy

2.2.2. To Government and other Aviculture bodies.

2.3. The IGBA fiscal and administrative year will be 1st January to 31st December in any given year.

3. Officers of the Society:

3.1. The executive officers of the IGBA will be Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Show Secretary, Show Manager, Publicity Officer, Year Book Editor, Web-Site Controller, Patronage Secretary and Overseas Secretary.

3.2. These officers will be annually elected at the AGM.

3.3. All nominations for any of the executive officer positions will be lodged with the General Secretary 14 (fourteen) days before the date of the AGM.

3.4. All nominations need to be both proposed and seconded by a current paid up member of the IGBA.

3.5. Members nominated for election to any position within the IGBA will have paid the annual subscription for the election year, and will confirm, in writing, to the General Secretary, their acceptance for nomination.

3.6. The officers of the Society will make up a main administration committee.

3.6.1. The officers will be authorised to co-opt additional members to form such additional committee(s) as considered necessary to administer other functions of the IGBA for example but not limited to “Show Committee”.

3.6.2. Five executive officers shall form a quorum for Administration CommitteeMeetings.

4. Meetings of the Society:

4.1. Annual General Meeting:

4.1.1. To be held annually within 120 (one hundred and twenty) days of the IGBA year-end at a venue determined by the General Secretary.

4.1.2. Objective: To undertake the statutory obligations of the society to include but not limited to the presentation and publication of the Annual Accounts, election of Independent External Accountant (IEA), propose and accept subscription rates, propose and elect Officers for the coming year.

4.1.3. Agenda: Minutes of previous AGM, Chairman Report, Secretary Report, Treasurer / IEA Report, AOB defined by the Secretary.

4.1.4. Any Other Business items to be lodged with the General Secretary 21 (Twenty One) days in advance of the meeting.

4.1.5. The agenda will be communicated to members at least 7 (seven) days in advance of the AGM along with a voting slip detailing items requiring member input.

4.1.6. The attendance of at least 2.5% (two and a half percentage) of fully paid IGBA members will constitute a quorum.

4.2. Administration Committee Meetings:

4.2.1. To be held as a minimum once a year by a means and date determined by the General Secretary.

4.2.2. Objective: To discuss and undertake administrative duties for the benefit of the IGBA and its members.

4.2.3. Agenda: Minutes of previous meeting, Chairman Report, General Secretary Report, Treasurer Report, Membership Secretary Report, Show Secretary Report, Publicity Officer Report, AOB defined by the Secretary.

4.2.4. Other Business items to be lodged with the General Secretary 24 (twenty four) hours prior to the meeting.

4.3. Special General Meeting

4.3.1. A Special general meeting shall be called by the General Secretary upon receipt of a written request by any 10 (Ten) members of the IGBA.

4.3.2. A Special General Meeting may be called by the Executive Officers of the IGBA.

4.3.3. Any such meeting will be notified to members within 28 (Twenty Eight) days of receipt of the request and the meeting shall take place within 6 (six) weeks of the request.

4.3.4. The nature of business to be discussed will be specified in writing to the General Secretary and only that business will form the agenda for the Special General Meeting.

5. Alteration to Association Rules:

5.1.1. Any proposed alterations to the Association rules shall be submitted to the General Secretary in writing 28 days prior to the AGM for presentation at the Annual General Meeting.

5.1.2. All and any proposal(s) for alteration of the society rules can only be submitted by a current year, fully paid member of the society.

5.1.3. Accepted changes to the Association rules will be operative in the year following acceptance.

6. Membership:

6.1. There will be four types of membership;

6.1.1. Ordinary

6.1.2. Life Members (Elected Honorary Position)

6.1.3. President (Elected Honorary Position)

6.1.4. Life Vice President. (Elected Honorary Position)

6.2. Ordinary membership:

6.2.1. Open to all persons who support the IGBA objectives.

6.2.2. Application for membership is made to the Membership Secretary.

6.2.3. Annual membership subscription rate proposals will be made and presented to the AGM by the Treasurer. The accepted proposal to be implemented year following the current year AGM.

6.2.4. Subscriptions must be paid in full by the 31st December each year. Members with subscriptions outstanding one month after the due date will, unless they have subsequently paid, have membership to the IGBA withdrawn.

6.2.5. The Membership Secretary will be responsible for collecting, receiving and accounting for all membership subscriptions.

6.2.6. Electronic collection is the preferred method of collection of fees, dishonoured cheque fees will be charged to the defaulting member.

6.3. Honorary Life Membership

6.3.1. Candidates for Honorary Life Membership will be proposed by the Officers of the IGBA, to the membership in Annual General Meeting.

6.3.2. To be eligible for Honorary Life Membership, an individual shall have made a contribution of outstanding and of lasting importance to the IGBA or the Gloster Canary Fancy

6.3.3. Will recognize an individual contribution rather than an individual representing a group accomplishment

6.3.4. Honorary Life Memberships are not necessarily bestowed each year, but more than one such honor may be awarded in any given year.

6.3.5. A non-member who supports the objects of the IGBA may be appointed as an Honorary Life member at the discretion of members at Annual General Meeting.

6.4. President & Life Vice President

6.4.1. President: The IGBA, in Annual General Meeting, may (with the consent of the nominee) appoint to the position of President any person deemed by the meeting to have given noteworthy service to the IGBA or further the interests of the IGBA. Such appointment to be given for a predetermined period by the membership.

6.4.2. In the event of the death, incapacity or resignation of the President the person first appointed Life Vice President shall become President until the next Annual General Meeting when a new President will be elected.

6.4.3. No formal duties will be placed on the President by virtue of them holding that office. Their sole responsibility shall be to continue to further the interest of the society by such means as are within their power.

6.4.4. Life Vice President:

The IGBA, in Annual General Meeting, may (with the consent of the nominee) appoint to the position of Life Vice President : Any person deemed by the meeting to have given noteworthy service to the IGBA or further the interests of the IGBA. Any former living President of the IGBA. No formal duties will be placed on a Life Vice President by virtue of them holding that office. Their sole responsibility shall be to continue to further the interest of the society by such means as are within their power

7. Year Books

7.1. The Association Yearbook will be published once a year within the first 4 [Four] months of any year.

7.2. Editorial, including Advertising, to be with the Yearbook team by the 31st March in any year. 

8. Judge

8.1 Application Eligibility:

8.1.1 An applicant must be a current year fully paid member of the IGBA.

8.1.2 An applicant must be a current breeder and exhibitor of champion status for a period of 5 (five) years prior to an application to join the judging panel.

8.1.3 An application will be proposed and supported by two current fully paid IGBA members.

8.1.4 All applications must be sent to the General Secretary for presentation to the IGBA membership at the AGM.

8.2 Judging Engagement Acceptance

8.2.1 Judges will be a fully paid member of the IGBA and be a current year breeder and have champion exhibitor status at the time of accepting a judging engagement.

8.2.2 Any judge relinquishing breeding or exhibiting Gloster canaries will advise the IGBA General Secretary of this fact and the judge will be automatically removed from the judging panel.

8.2.3 Any Judge returning to the fancy after a year or more period of absence must serve a mandatory 2 (Two) years as a breeder and exhibitor before applying for the position of a panel judge.

8.2.4 Failure to fulfil an engagement without just cause will result in an individual being removed from the judging panel.

8.2.5 Any judge who has accepted the invitation to  judge the Members Show immediately becomes   ineligible to judge the next 5 shows, unless there are substantial mitigating circumstances or valid   reasons for them not carrying out the engagement.

8.2.6 Replacement of a current year Members Show judge will be made from the prior year nomination list.

8.2.7 Non acceptance of an invitation to judge the Members Show will not invalidate an individual from   being nominated and accepting an invitation in a future year. 

9. Patronage

9.1 IGBA provides patronage to Cage Bird Societies promoting Open Shows or to All Gloster Shows.

9.1.1. UK Patronage application to be made to the UK Patronage Secretary

9.1.2. Overseas patronage application to be made to the Overseas Patronage Secretary.

9.2. Closing date for Patronage applications to be 31st March in any year.

9.3. The combined application and patronage fee to be annually determined by the Patronage Secretaries and presented to the committee meeting as defined in 4.2.1 for implementation year following.

9.4. Clubs applying for patronage must adopt the current show classification as defined by the Governing Body for the Gloster Canary Fancy

9.5. Clubs applying for patronage must engage a current year full panel judge.

9.6. To be eligible for IGBA specials members must have paid current subscriptions.

10. Membership Suspension:

10.1 The club shall have the power to suspend or terminate the membership of any member whose conduct is considered to be undesirable or brings or is likely to bring the IGBA into disrepute.

10.2 Such a person shall have notice of the meeting at which such action shall be decided and will have the right to appear and appeal at the next annual general meeting.

10.3 Only fully paid up members shall have the right to vote on membership suspension.

11. Winding Up:

11.1 In the event of a justifiable need to consider winding up the Society, such action will only be undertaken by the General Secretary communicating such consideration to the members and advising the need to hold a Special General Meeting under clause 4.3 on a date convenient to the majority of the members, but such meeting to be held within 28 days of such notice given to members.

11.2 In the event of a need to dissolve the club the Treasurer will produce a set of final accounts, those accounts will be externally verified and presented to members at Special General Meeting.

11.3 Upon members agreement to wind up the Association the Treasurer will collect all current assets and discharge all current liabilities in accordance with those figures shown on the final accounts.

11.4 Any retained earnings will be discharged in the following order.

Paid members current year subscription or portion thereof re-paid.

Retained earnings after current year subscription repayment and payment of any costs incurred in relation to the winding up order to be equally divided by the number of current fully paid members or discharged in accordance with members wishes at Special General Meeting.

11.5 The Treasurer will publish a statement of the final distribution to all fully paid upmembers of the Association.

12. Exhibiting Rules:

12.1. Members must only exhibit birds that are their bona-fide property.

12.2. Knowingly exhibiting birds that are not the property of the exhibitor will result in the IGBA withdrawing an individual’s membership.

12.3. Member exhibiting status will comply with the current Governing Body for the Gloster Canary Fancy ruling as determined from time to time.

Current status defined as:

12.3.1. Junior: from 8 (eight) years of age to 16 (sixteen) years of age.

12.3.2. Junior members over 16 (years) attain Novice status.

12.3.3. Novice: up to 7 (seven) years from first joining the fancy.

12.3.4. A novice may exhibit in any Gloster classes without affecting their status if no novice classes are provided – entry forms to be marked “Novice”

12.3.5. Champion: move from Novice in year 8 (eight) after first joining the fancy.

12.3.6. Once Champion status is attained an exhibitor is always a champion. Champion exhibitors leaving and subsequently returning to the fancy, irrespective of time, remain Champion status.

12.3.7. Members of the same family residing at the same address shall exhibitunder the  highest status of the members.

12.4. Birds must be exhibited in their natural colour; any bird showing artificial colour will be disqualified.

12.5 Show Cages to be standard specification as defined from time to timeby the Governing Body for the Gloster Canary Fancy

Issue 2 adopted 20 March 2022

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