Featured Member – Roger Wilton

IGBA 2021 President, Membership Secretary and Yearbook Editor. Roger suffered a heart attack and passed away aged 75 years in the early hours of Monday

Fits and Seizures

This article is about birds that are showing a number of different symptoms of poor nerve and/or muscle function. The most common are fits, twitching,

Red and Northern Fowl Mite

Northern Fowl Mite poses a severe threat to Gloster Breeders throughout the world The Lifecycle of the Northern Fowl Mite: Northern Fowl Mite have four

New Colour Gloster Canary

We show our birds to ascertain their quality which consequently makes selling excess birds easier. If you don’t have a class for these birds in

Brexit News

Just to keep members up to date with what is happening re Europe after Brexit. IOA-COM delegates are speaking at length to DEFRA about how

Overseas IGBA Report 2020/2021

2020 was a year to never forget. The IGBA has 12 overseas Gloster clubs fully paid up affiliate members. Not one held a show. After

What does Going Light mean?

Going light is the term given to birds that lose weight because they are ill. Most sick birds lose weight simply because they have to

Common Canary and Finch Diseases

The following is a short list of some of the common problems seen in canaries and finches. It should always be remembered that management or