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Exhibition Bird Movements into / out of GB.

Exhibition Bird Movements into / out of GB.

To all our overseas members and especially those that religiously come to the UK in October each year to compete in the World’s Premier Must Win All Gloster event please rest assured that we have been in regular contact with the IOA and DEFRA/APHA to determine whether you will be able to exhibit at IGBA 2021.


The unfortunate position is that Brexit Regulations have determined that the UK no longer has the same free movement rights for animals / birds that were in place when a member of the EU.

Regardless of the time birds will remain in the UK, for example 2 days for IGBA Show, they need to go through a rigorous Importation process. The only exception being Northern Ireland (see below).  

“Imports to Great Britain from 1 January 2021 must be accompanied by the appropriate health certificate……..”

“All captive birds imported to Great Britain must be subjected to a laboratory virus detection test 7 to 14 days prior to export, with negative results for any avian influenza or Newcastle disease virus. The birds must not have been vaccinated against avian influenza…………”

“Captive birds imported into Great Britain from an approved country must complete a minimum of 30 days quarantine in an approved quarantine facility or centre ……imported birds shall be transported directly from the Border Control Post (BCP) of entry in Great Britain to an approved quarantine facility or centre”

“….all birds must be identified with an individual identification number by means of a uniquely marked seamlessly closed leg-ring or a microchip. …….

ID numbers of leg-rings or microchips must bear at least the ISO code of the exporting country performing the identification and a unique serial number…..The ID number must be registered on the accompanying health certificate, as well as on the outside of the container that the birds are being transported in….”

So for all our EU Continental Members it appears that it is a case of SORRY BUT IT SEEMS TO BE  IMPRACTICAL TO SHOW AT IGBA 2021.

YOU CAN PERSONALLY ATTEND if you wish and will be made most welcome.


After lengthy calls with DEFRA / APHA it appears that there are no different rules on bringing birds into the UK as Pre Brexit. All that is necessary is the owner of the birds complies with a General Licence (see first link below).

The problem is exporting the birds from GB to NI where there are requirements that once again seem to make it impracticable to exhibit at IGBA2021 – namely Pre-notifying export on TRACES NT, obtaining Veterinary Certification from a GB vet in advance of Export. (see third link below). 

REMEMBER: At this time incoming / outgoing movement of birds in relation to GB are regarded as imports, and exports. Exactly the same as any other product.   

APHA Import / Export Team Email received 01/09/21

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your enquiry.

“Captive birds” are considered to be the types of birds usually kept as a hobby, for pleasure, scientific interest or sport including racing pigeons, birds of prey & zoo birds.

Captive birds from Northern Ireland

Movements of captive birds from Northern Ireland are treated as national movements.
The movements must be in accordance with an import licence(  and consignments must comply with the conditions laid out in the licence (this may require the birds to be accompanied with a health certificate).

Please see the following link regarding movements from NI to GB:

Movements to Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland continues to apply EU law and EU requirements as laid down by the European Commission. Please seek advice from DAERA on the import requirements for direct imports to Northern Ireland.

Veterinary Service Trade Section
1st Floor, Ballykelly House
BT49 9HP

Telephone: 028 77442 096 or 028 77442 079

To NI exhibitors I might suggest you contact DAERA NI if you need further clarification of NI Imports from GB. If you are able to comply with requirements we would welcome your exhibits;  if  not hopefully we will see your birds in 2022.  If you find the advice is different, please let us know on

Finally I have been advised that DEFRA / APHA are working on a solution to the hobbyist exhibition situation, and the fact that there are new rules for importing live animals, including equines into Great Britain from the EU from 1 March 2022.

Goods must:

  • be accompanied by a health certificate so they can have documentary checks
  • be pre-notified by the importer using IPAFFS
  • enter Great Britain through a UK BCP so they’re available for documentary, identity and physical checks

The level of physical and identity checks will be based on assessments of biosecurity and public health risks. All high-risk live animals imported from the EU will continue to be checked.

Bob Mortimer – General Secretary 1st September 2021.  

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Formed in 1966 the world’s largest All-Gloster Society devoted to keeping, breeding and the welfare of Gloster Canaries.

Join the International Glosters Breeders Association and become an activate member of our community

Join the International Gloster Breeders Association

Formed in 1966 the world’s largest All-Gloster Society devoted to keeping, breeding and the welfare of Gloster Canaries.

Join the International Glosters Breeders Association and become an activate member of our community

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