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Welcome to, the new home for the International Gloster Breeders Association. The association was formed in 1966 and has over 900 members throughout the world. Since the early twenties, the interest in the Gloster has gone from strength to strength not only in the quality of the birds but also in the membership and formation of Gloster Canary Clubs. No doubt the popularity has been due to the corona, this with its partner the consort, has attracted so many fanciers to take up the challenge of breeding this delightful bird.


The Association offers further interest to the hobby by its activities paving the way to create many friendships between its members. I trust the information found on the web site will be of use to you, however changes can occur at our A.G.M. which is usually held in March.


If you have recently joined the Association or thinking of doing so and require any information, please do not hesitate to Contact us


Welcome to the International Gloster Breeders Association

Home of the IGBA

This website is provided for the good and benefit of members of the International Gloster Breeders Association. Anyone using the Members Forum or any of the Comments Boxes are requested to respect other members and not use bad language.

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